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a taste of tuscany
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"A perfect evocation of Sun-drenched Tuscany, with simple ochre-washed walls, flagged floors, a haunting monastic simplicity.The menu captures the essence of rustic Italy in it’s delicious pasta, fish, and roasts, with hearty flavours and in sensible portions. Sheltered garden for al fresco dining in summer and well heated in winter."

−Harpers Bazaar

"Wonderful value Tuscan tuck and a rare true local in these parts. Marinated salmon with asparagus, squid ink risotto, grilled chicken with lemon, chilli and garlic typify a light, rustic menu. Portions are small but not pricey. Fun, informal, relaxed atmosphere with covered terrace seating. Fast friendly and attentive service by attractive staff."

−Square Meal

"A perfect Chelsea spot for a lively local dinner; this traditional Tuscan Italian eatery serves small but nice-size servings that enable a lot of fresh, original dishes to be sampled and shared; fans appreciate that it’s not trying hard to be trendy or chichi and give the great garden room in the front (heated and open throughout the year) a thumbs-up."

−Zagat Survey

"Riccardo’s restaurant is a godsend! I was recently put on a wheat-free diet and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to eat pasta outside my own kitchen again. Not so – Riccardo’s offers several truly delicious wheat-free versions of classic dishes alongside the regular kind (linguine vongole’s my favourite).The mint tea made with real mint leaves is fabulous too. But don’t get the impression that this is some kind of ‘holier than thou’ place for wearers of sandals and hair-shirts. All the food, wheat-free or not, is delicious and the atmosphere is pure Chelsea."


"Everyone loves this relaxed, informal, busy restaurant where you order small plates of tapas-style Italian food rather than a conventional meal – great for sharing or economising.Traditional cured meats, pasta, shellfish and salads are basics.Try the grilled sardines with garlic, parsley, oregano and lemon, chicken stew with tomato, olives and white wine, or the delicious marinated venison."

−Harpers Bazaar

A perfect spot for relaxed group dining, this Tuscan, tapas-style restaurant serves an extensive menu of starter sized dishes to be devoured in their pairs or threesomes. "Ordering is a true test of teamwork. For all to leave satisfied, be sure to include a bit of bulk – a plain but delicious pizza or substantial spaghetti vongole, say alongside cured meats and salads.Ask for advice on portion size (the gorgeous garlic prawns with lemon and herbs will almost certainly need ordering twice!) and don’t miss the awesome marinated venison. Bookings are essential."

−Square Meal

"Riccardo has introduced a “Spuntino” menu, which is rather like an Italian meze – you are encouraged to have several courses and this is made easier by small but perfect size portions.The food is very simple, very delicious and very Italian.This is a very relaxing, very self-indulgent way to eat.The menu lists – and for once list is the right word – some forty-five different dishes. Emphasis is always put on simplicity and quality of ingredients.The food is always fresh and due to high turnover, many dishes are sold out by the end of the evening. An imposing wine list is exclusively Italian except for half a dozen famous-name champagnes.The list repays investigation as there are a good many interesting bottles from the lesser known Italian wine regions: the offerings go all the way from an exceptional house wine to Sassicaia."


"Tuscan Italian dishes served tapas-style – great for sharing – have long made this fun and buzzing Chelsea spot an excellent choice for a light meal.This restaurant in Chelsea really is one of the Best Italian Restaurants in London"